Texas Small Claims Cases

Tenant Disputes


Some tenants are just plain horrible.  They commit multiple lease violations.  They ruin or damage your valuable property.  They bring in pets and animals when they aren’t supposed to.  They allow others to live in the premises without your permission.  Sometimes they even holdover their lease.  Regardless of the issue, you have the right to file a small claims case for breaches of the lease or violations of the Texas Property Code.




Though no outcome is guaranteed when you put your case in the hands of a judge or jury, following these tips will help you present your case in the best possible way:

  • Wear business casual clothes to court (at a minimum).
  • Keep updated contact information with the court clerk.
  • Decide early what evidence you have.  Witness testimony?  Documents?  Photographs?
  • Decide early if you want a judge or a jury to decide your case.  If you want a jury, you must pay the jury fee early.
  • Always show up on your court date or call the court clerk early to ask for an extension or continuance.  If you don’t show up, your case may be dismissed or a judgment taken against you.
  • Write down notes of what you want to say and what your story is.
  • Do not expect the court or the other side to prove your case for you.  THIS IS YOUR JOB.