Texas Small Claims Cases

Lawsuits on Lease Agreements


A Lease Agreement is a type of contract where a property owner agrees to rent out an asset to another.  The property can be personal or tangible property or it can be real estate.  No matter the type of lease agreement, any claimed breaches of the agreement are basically breaches of contract.  A breach of contract case can be filed in Texas small claims courts.  Texas law allows for people to form a contract either verbally or in writing.  But most leases should be in writing.

To sue on a breach of lease claim, you must first show that there is a valid and enforceable lease. You must then prove that YOU performed your promises under the lease.  Next, you must show that the other party breached the lease or did NOT performed their promises.  Lastly, you have to prove, with evidence, that you were damaged.  Keep your damages under the $20,000.00 Justice Court threshold, however.  If you go over, your case will be tossed.