Texas Small Claims Cases

Landlord Retaliation


Landlords can be spiteful and cruel.  We’ve seen some really bad landlords even file evictions of their tenants that are considered “illegal” or wrongful under Texas law.  Sometimes landlords will even lock you out of your home – improperly.

Did you complain about the conditions of your apartment and then immediately get a notice of eviction?  If you didn’t do anything that breached your lease, this is basically retaliation against you as a tenant.  You may sue the landlord and recover your damages, such as the cost of moving, the cost of the replacement lease, lost wages, etc. Unfortunately, this is brought as a separate lawsuit after the eviction.

One of the great things about landlord retaliation cases in Texas is that the statute gives the winning tenant additional damages and attorney fees.

We’ve handled several of these types of cases in court and are well-versed in what you have to prove in court.  We even took a corporate apartment landlord to trial over threats to evict after our client complained about a bed bug infestation.  We also successfully settled a case against a lawyer-landlord who basically operated as a slumlord and didn’t want to respond to the complaints of a kind, yet smart tenant.