Texas Small Claims Cases

Collections on Judgments


Did you win in court and get a judgment?  Did you celebrate thinking that the court would “force” the other side to pay?  Well, we’re sorry to tell you that you shouldn’t pop the champagne yet.  Many judgment debtors (the folks who you got the judgment against) simply don’t pay the judgment even after losing in court.  So what are you supposed to do to actually collect on the judgment?

Texas gives judgment creditors (the person who got the judgment) several tools in the collections toolbox.  Unfortunately, you have to pay for these tools and you have to be the one who actually uses the tools – the court won’t use the tools for you.

Types of post-judgment collections tools:

  • post-judgment discovery (tell us where your bank account is!)
  • writs of execution (send the sheriff out to seize non-exempt property)
  • abstract of judgment (file a “lien” against real property in a county)
  • and many more!