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3 Easy Options:

10 MINUTE PHONE OR ZOOM CONSULT:  If you have a quick question and are tired of searching the internet for answers, this budget-minded option is best for you!  Whether you want to know what to include in your lawsuit, what motion to file, how to serve a subpoena on a witness, what evidence to present, or anything in between, a quick 10 minute chat may be all you need!  Just remember, to make the best use of your time, prepare your questions before your appointment.  [$75 Phone / $85 Zoom]

30 MINUTE PHONE OR ZOOM CONSULT:  If you have LOTS of questions and can’t seem to find clear answers, this option may be best for you!  In 30 minutes, we can usually go over the entire small claims case process, from start to finish, and answer a couple of more specific questions you may have.  This is probably the best value!  [$200 Phone / $210 Zoom]

1 HOUR PHONE OR ZOOM CONSULT:  The most comprehensive option if you need step-by-step instruction on the small claims process.  Many clients use this option when they have a complicated or complex story that they want to discuss.  Often times, we can use this hour to discuss specific evidence, develop strategy, or even discuss negotiation tactics outside of court.  Though pricier, this option still costs less than hiring an attorney for the entire case!  [$350 Phone / $360 Zoom]



Ask a Lawyer.  Without Paying Legal Fees For The Entire Case.

Texas law allows a person to represent themselves in court, whether as the person suing or the person being sued.  Small claims cases in Justice Court are the perfect place for a party to represent themselves because these courts were specifically set up to be the low-cost “People’s Court” without unnecessary formalities and rules of higher courts.

Whether it’s for a landlord/tenant dispute, wrongful eviction, property damage, breach of contract, debt collection, suit on debt, or an injury claim, you can file suit in small claims court in Texas.

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Though having an attorney/lawyer is not required or necessary in small claims court, unique and special issues can come up that may require the knowledge and experience of a lawyer.  Most lawyers charge hourly rates, $300.00-$600.00 per hour, and can easily spend 10-20 hours of their time representing you in your small claims case.

Do you want to pay $6,000.00-$12,000.00 in legal fees?  No.  Just pay a lawyer for the answers you need to continue representing yourself.

Your Texas Small Claims Lawsuit lawyer is just a phone call or Zoom away.

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After 16 years of representing individuals and companies in Small Claims Courts, County Courts at Law, and District Courts, our lead attorney decided to make his knowledge and experience more accessible to people in need. 

Super Lawyer – 2020 Rising Star

National Trial Lawyers – Top 100

Starting, Attorney Ryan McFarlin wants to provide parties who are representing themselves a quick and efficient way to ask questions of an experienced lawyer, without incurring the cost of a lawyer for the entire case. He also has recorded some short podcasts on various legal topics – click below!

It’s best to Book Online, but if you are experiencing difficulties, feel free to call 877-897-6255 or email We look forward to hearing from you!